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DE AutomotiveAfter quite a bit of searching we located a reliable, honest, courteous and generous mechanic in North Hollywood, for anyone who runs into car trouble.

DE Automotive, Inc

4702 Vineland Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91602
eight one eight, seven six six, eight one two zero


  • The little guys are almost always more knowledgeable and cheaper than the big guys (Midas, Pep Boys, etc).
  • The same guy (Sam) is usually there, meaning you don’t have to explain your problem to six different guys. And he remembers you.
  • Sam makes his own rules, so he doesn’t need a manager’s approval to, say, top off your oil free of charge.
  • They’re honest, so you pay what they quote the first time.
  • They explain the problem in a down-to-earth manner instead of trying to make it sound complicated.
  • Ah, they’re just nice guys. We want to help them out.

Take your busted ride there, they’ll do ya proud.