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In the landscape of Hollywood fast food, two gleaming ivory towers rise above the debris of MSG-soaked, artificial-smoke flavored, reheated mega-burger chains. In-N-Out, the Irvine-based private burger chain that won Zagat’s Fast-Food Survey in 2008 and 2009, and Fatburger, the Santa Monica-based chain known as “the Last Great Hamburger Stand.”

One is an old-fashioned cult favorite that successfully promotes itself through T-shirts emblazoned with hot rods, the other touts its food quality through snarky slogans aimed at other burger chains, and was once co-owned by Magic Johnson. Which deserves the crown? There are many factors to consider: In-N-Out’s prices still recall its 1948 birth; Fatburger’s patrons are treated to free, unlimited use of the jukebox and a wide array of delicious burger options. What are we going to do about this?

Here are the facts, arranged for the best possible comparison. Make up your mind and cast your vote. (Or feel free to write in a vote in the comments below. But if you vote for one of those artery-clogging sludge-chains, we will descend upon your comment with the fire of a thousand pepperoncinis.)

In-N-Out Fatburger
in-n-out <—?—> fatburger
* 1950s pricing, $2.75 for a Double Double * Tons of burger options, plus crazy sandwiches, salads and other stuff
* Real meat instead of liquid burger slop * Actual cow, not gray burger sludge
* Clean fry oil, fries that resemble actual potatoes * Choice of fat or skinny fries, chili fries, onion rings
* “Secret” menu options like Animal Style, multi-patty/cheese options * Double-King, Triple-King, etc. (as high as you care to go*)
* Real ice cream shakes: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry * Ice cream shakes that actually melt: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry
* Highly addictive Special Sauce * Madly customizable topping options
* Grilled cheese or no-patty option * Boca burger option