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Melrose Place CafeHave you ever been to a beach in France? They’re spectacularly groomed, meticulously raked, chairs lined up in compact little rows and umbrellas perfectly placed. Walk across it and you have a guy following behind to erase the footprints. Ever felt like going to a regular beach instead, where you can sprawl out on a towel and mess up the sand at your leisure?

Melrose Place Café is the regular beach of sidewalk cafés. Where most sidewalk dining areas in Los Angeles are like little, enclosed extensions of the restaurant’s interior, with their little barricades and their narrow little tables, Melrose Place spreads its wings, letting outside diners stretch their legs, look up at the trees and munch their lunches in the cool breeze. Sounds a little Podunk, you say? Not so. Not only is the menu healthy, eclectic and tasty, it’s cultured. With interesting fare like the Tomato-Basil Mozzarella Panini, the Turkey Bacon Sweet Onion Omelet, plus Persian-influenced herbs and sides, it easily competes with any of Hollywood’s breakfast and lunch places.

Breakfast is served all day, and the pay-up-front aspect makes it a good lunch break choice for the area’s retail scene. And yes, there’s even inside seating. Bon appétit.

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